Tobacco, drug, and alcohol policies

Rosebud Soccer Club is vigilant and conscious of adults within the Club use of Tobacco and Alcohol on the grounds.

  • All Patrons must follow and adhere to the tobacco, drug, and alcohol policy
  • All in attendance must smoke at designated areas. (Tree off site)
  • Anyone at the club must NOT be affected by illicit drugs
  • Alcohol served for senior games and as per the Alcohol license requirements


To encourage and promote smoke-free behaviour in our players.
The Club recognises that passive smoking is hazardous to health and that non-smoking club members and visitors have the right to be protected from exposure to tobacco smoke.

  • The Club recognises that role-modelling can have a significant impact on junior players. Hence individuals are asked to refrain from smoking while they are acting in an official capacity for the club or while in uniform. This particularly applies to Coaches, Team Managers and umpires/referees.
  • Accordingly, the following policy shall apply to all club facilities, functions, meetings and activities undertaken by the club and will apply to all members, players, administrators, officials and club visitors.


  • All club facilities are to be 100% smoke free and will include:
  • the social rooms including bar, kitchen, meeting room, toilets and storage areas;
  • player change rooms including warm up areas, toilets and showers and medical room.

All club functions including social and fundraising events & meetings are to be 100% smoke free:

  • Ashtrays are to be removed from all club facilities;
  • Cigarette butt bins are to be provided at outdoor areas for smokers to dispose of cigarette butts before entering/re-entering smoke free areas.

The Club adopts Football Federation Victoria’s 2009 Rules of Competition that state:

  1. It is prohibited for anyone to smoke within the confines of the playing barrier fence. This includes the team bench within the Technical area and anywhere on or near the touchline.
  2. Clubs are responsible for ensuring that smoking is confined to legitimate public areas at a safe distance from the playing field.
  3. Smoking is also not permitted near open windows or near entries and exits to pavilion/rooms.
  4. If any person is in breach of this rule, both the individual and any Club of which that person is a member may be fined and face disciplinary action under the FFV Grievance Disciplinary and Tribunal By-Law.

Alcohol Policy

This policy outlines our procedures for a balanced and responsible approach to the supply, consumption and promotion of alcohol at club training, games, special events, functions and other club-related activities. It represents our club’s commitment to its members, volunteers and visitors, and acknowledges the role that sporting clubs play in building strong and healthy communities.
This policy will help to ensure our club:

  • Meets its duty of care in relation to the health and safety of our members, volunteers and visitors who attend any club training, games, special events, functions and other activities where alcohol may be consumed;
  • Upholds the reputation of our club, our sponsors and our partners;
  • Understands the risks associated with alcohol misuse and our role in minimising this risk.

Rosebud Soccer Club acknowledges that alcohol may be consumed at certain club related events and activities including meetings, after training or games, end of season/presentation functions, sponsors’ functions, trivia nights and other fundraising events. Our club may also hold functions at licensed venues. Accordingly, the following requirements will apply to all members, volunteers and visitors where alcohol is consumed.

General Principles
Alcohol misuse can lead to risk taking, unsafe, unacceptable and/or illegal behaviour. Excessive consumption of alcohol will not be an excuse for unacceptable behaviour, particularly behaviour that endangers others or breaches the law, this policy or any other policy of the Club.
A risk management approach will be taken in planning events and activities involving the supply or consumption of alcohol. Such events and activities will be conducted and managed in a manner consistent with liquor licensing legislation and this policy.
In addition, our club will promote additional services that are available to members to deal with alcohol related issues if they arise. Such avenues include encouraging the club member to:

  • Contact a local community health provider eg your local GP;
  • Visit the Alcohol & Drug Foundation’s ‘Help & Support’ section on the website

Conduct Expectations
Whilst engaging in club activities members, volunteers and visitors:

  • Will not bring their own alcohol. This puts the Club’s Liquor Licence at risk.
  • Will accept responsibility for their own behaviour, use good judgment and take a responsible approach when alcohol is available;
  • Will encourage and assist others to use good judgment when alcohol is available.
  • Will not compete, train, coach or officiate if affected by alcohol; • Will not provide, encourage or allow people aged under 18 years to consume alcohol;
  • Will not participate, pressure anyone or encourage excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol (including drinking competitions);
  • Will not post images on social media of themselves or others drinking alcohol irresponsibly at club-related activities.

Intoxicated People
For the purposes of this policy, a person is defined as being in a state of intoxication if his or her speech, balance, co-ordination or behaviour is noticeably affected and there are reasonable grounds for believing that this is the result of the consumption of alcohol.

  • Intoxicated people will not be permitted to enter our club premises;
  • If a person becomes intoxicated (and is not putting other people at risk with their behaviour) the person will be provided with water and options for safe transport home, where available;
  • If a person becomes intoxicated (and is putting other people at risk due to their behaviour) the person will be asked to leave our club premises immediately and offered safe transport options, where available. Police may also be contacted to remove the person, if required.

Underage Drinking

  • Alcohol will not be provided to persons aged under 18 years;
  • Our club will discourage the drinking of alcohol in the club change-rooms to reduce the risk of minors being served alcohol illegally.
  • Alcohol will not be served in any capacity for the duration of Junior Training and Matchdays

Availability of Non-Alcoholic and Low Alcohol Drinks
The Club recognises that not all club members may drink alcohol. Our club actively encourages venues we use for club activities and functions to have:

  • Non-alcoholic and low alcohol drinks available and to provide drinking water free of charge (where available);
  • Non-alcoholic drinks clearly visible and adequate in variety and supply.


Our club will encourage safe celebrations and events by:

  • Not conducting functions where a minimum amount of liquor sales is required;
  • Not promoting or hosting ‘all you can drink’ functions;
  • Not including alcohol in the price of function tickets; or Limiting the number of drinks included in the price of function tickets to a maximum of four, as recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Advertisements for functions will promote safe celebrations by:

  • Not overemphasising the availability of alcohol or referring to the amount of alcohol available;
  • Not encouraging rapid drinking or excessive drinking;
  • Giving equal reference to the availability of non-alcoholic drinks;
  • Displaying a clear start and finish time for the function;
  • Including a safe transport message, where possible and relevant.

Serving of Alcohol
Alcohol is to be served only by those who possess Responsible Serving of Alcohol accreditation (RSA) and have committee approval to undertake canteen duties.

Safe Transport
The Club recognises that driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is hazardous to individuals and the wider community. Accordingly, our club implements a Safe Transport Policy that is reviewed regularly in conjunction with this Alcohol Management Policy. We ask that all attendees at our functions plan their transport requirements to ensure they get home safely and avoid driving under the influence of alcohol.

Club Trips

The Club will monitor and ensure any club trips, particularly end of season player trips, strictly adhere to responsible behaviour and responsible alcohol consumption in accordance with the principles of this policy and the values of our club.
Promoting This Policy and the Responsible Use of Alcohol
Our club will:
• Educate members, volunteers and visitors about our policy and the benefits of having such a policy;
• Ensure this policy is easily accessible and will promote it via our website, newsletters, social media, announcements during events and functions;
• Not advertise, promote or have alcohol served or consumed at junior events or activities;
• Actively demonstrate our attitude relating to the responsible use of alcohol and promote positive messages through our social media platforms;
• Pursue non-alcohol sponsorship and revenue sources;
• Actively participate in the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program with an ongoing priority to maintain the highest Good Sports accreditation. Non-Compliance Club committee members will uphold this policy and any non-compliance will be handled accor