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Misconduct is unacceptable behaviour by a player/coach/parent/Patrons and their failure to comply with FFV and Club policy. Misconduct can differ in seriousness from minor conduct issues that can be informally addressed in the moment, to more substantial misconduct requiring a formal investigation and/or disciplinary process.
This guide sets out a best practice model for managing misconduct issues by:
• Setting the expectations of the Club
• Identifying conduct issues
• Addressing minor conduct issues with a coaching conversation
• Addressing more serious conduct issues with Executive committee members
• Rosebud Soccer Club to provide an opportunity for the person to respond

Non-adherence with these requirements is a form of performance misconduct and can form the basis for discipline of person involved.

Identifying conduct issues
The first step is to identify the conduct issue(s), so you can apply an appropriate process. Be mindful that conduct issues are managed differently to performance issues. Misconduct is about unacceptable behaviour and breaches of Clubs policy
Examples of minor misconduct include:
• Failure to maintain acceptable relationships with other Club members and spectators
• Failure to communicate incidents
• Posting offensive notices on social or notice boards
Examples of serious misconduct include:
• Constant Use of inappropriate language
• Behaviours which compromise the safety and well-being of children such as harassment, assault or threatening or abuse to children, their families, visitors, or Rosebud Soccer club representatives/committee members.

Coaching Conversations
Dealings For minor misconduct issues
For minor misconduct issues, a documented coaching conversation is appropriate, and further action is only taken if the issue is repeated or remains unresolved.
The purpose of the coaching conversation is to:
• Provide specific examples of the alleged behaviour and/or policy/code of conduct breach
• Provide the person with an opportunity to respond
• Clearly outline the expected standards of the relevant policy/code of conduct
• Inform the person that a repeat of the misconduct may result in more formal disciplinary action.

It is important that you keep a documented record of the coaching conversation, as this may be used in later formal disciplinary discussions.

Formal Conduct Management
Dealings For repeated or more serious misconduct
Formal conduct management is appropriate for misconduct of a repeated or more serious nature. Formal action includes investigations and discussion records.
When you identify a more serious conduct issue, this must be raised with the Rosebud Soccer Club or other Executive Committee within 24 hours of the alleged conduct. The following information should be provided:
• Specific details of the alleged misconduct
• Evidence to support the alleged misconduct and whether and investigation has or will commence
• Previous action taken for similar breach/es by the person (if applicable)
• Previous coaching conversations had with
Based on all the information provided, a decision will be made to either proceed with a formal discussion record, conduct a further investigation, or involve FFV.
Some serious conduct issues require an immediate suspension or termination of a person while the matter is investigated (e.g. allegations of aggression). Executive Committee members will support with details on suspending or termination of a person if required and will provide appropriate documentation.

Expectations of Players
Depending on the severity of the incident, the parent may be asked to a meeting with committee members. If inappropriate behaviour continues after a meeting, the child may be suspended. A further suspension will be given if the health and safety of others is constantly compromised. Parent MUST be present. (pls see above misconduct policy)

• Ensure fairness and respectful sportsmanship is always displayed
• Be mindful of other player emotions and skill
• Always represent the Club in a professional and positive manner
• Whilst on the field playing refrain from using inappropriate language whether on RSC grounds or away games
Rosebud Soccer Club, as part of the Shire Rules, has a public Liability cover. This does NOT apply to injury or accident while playing. We recommend that each player & social member ensure that they have some form of adequate medical cover or insurance. The signing of this registration form/contract does NOT bind any person in anyway to the Rosebud Soccer Club but does show that person is aware of the Rosebud Soccer Club constitution/policies & agrees to follow the expectation of the Soccer Club. In the event that the season is cancelled due to PANDEMIC or NATURAL DISASTER, a fee will be retained by the club to cover the associated FFV Administration and Insurance fees