Guidelines for the Involvement of Third Party Adults

To maintain an environment where children feel safe, and in which the parents and guardians have confidence that the safety of children is assured.
Key Relevant Club Objectives:

  • • To prevent adults who pose a risk to children from working as team officials or committee members, within the Club.


These guidelines are to be applied to the recruitment of adults, in roles where they have contact with children. Third Party Adults: Adults 16 years old and above, who volunteer their services to the Club, but who do not have children at the Club.
Before a 3rd party adult can be engaged in a role with children at the Club, they must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Individuals must be nominated by a member of the Club. Such a nomination must be in writing, and to the President of the Club. The nomination should state specifically the role the adult is being nominated for.
  2. The nominated adult must have a current Working With Children Check (or equivalent).
  3. The nominated adult must supply a current curriculum vitae including all employment or schooling over the previous 5 years.
  4. The nominated adult is to be interviewed by the President and Vice President of the Club, along with the Coaching Co-ordinator/s. The interviewers shall need to be able confirm the following information:

– a. The reason the nominated adult would like to volunteer with the Club.
– b. The skills the nominated adult believes they can bring to the Club.
– c. The role the nominated adult understands they will take on at the Club

5. The nominated adult must supply the names and contact details of three referees. These referees must all be contacted by a member of the interview panel prior to the appointment of the 3rd party adult. The referees must be able to confirm the following:

– a. That the nominated adult is considered to be an individual of appropriate character for the Club. – b. That the nominated adult would be suitable to work with children.

It is the responsibility of the Committee to ensure that all team officials are aware of and understand this policy. It is the responsibility of all team officials and Committee members to ensure the policy is adhered to. (Ref: Working With Children Policy)