Grievance Policies

Player/Coach grievance and complaint policy
At Rosebud Soccer Club we aim to resolve problems and grievances promptly, when necessary, grievances will be escalated to the Executive Committee Member/ Club President. Rosebud Soccer Club respects the rights of all Player and Coaches to lodge a grievance with the Club.

  • Players and coaches should try to resolve the grievance as close to the source as possible. This can be an informal conversation and should be the first step settling the grievance before the formal process starts.
  • To start the formal grievance, process the compliant must be in writing/email. The content must include time, date, place, and details of complaint and sent to the Rosebud Soccer Club secretary email address.
  • All discussions with parties involved must be documented.
  • Where the grievance or compliant cannot be resolved, a meeting with all involved will be organised.
  • Should the grievance or complaint be about your Coach, try to approach Coach and address concerns. If the grievance or complaint has not been addressed, then an email the Rosebud Soccer Club secretary email will be the next step.
  • • Follow FFV constitution.

Parent grievances and complaints policy

Any grievances or complaint by a parent/stakeholder must be accepted and heard in a professional and respectful manner. Rosebud Soccer Club is committed to ensuring all feedback is heard and dealt with in a timely manner.

  • Parents/stakeholders are encouraged to discuss any concerns they may have with with the Club President in writing via club secretary email address
  • Club President will contact the Parent/Patrons within 48 hours of receiving the complaint.
  • All parties involved in the grievance/complaint will have the opportunity to be heard.
  • Club President will contact the parent and informed of the outcome once investigation has been completed.
  • All complaints must be documented.
  • Once an issue has been resolved all parties involved will be informed.